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Last weekend, I met up with an ex bride of ours, Nadia. I wanted to create something beautiful and atmospheric, using slow motion footage and emotional music. I've know Nadia for almost ten years, and she was one of the first people to model for me as i was honing my camera skills.

It wasn't the warmest day

We hopped into the car for a 2 hour and 45min drive to Newbiggin by the sea. A stunning location that myself and Gary (FirstSight) had actually stumbled upon the evening before a recent wedding. Although it's quite a drive, the rock pools were exactly what I had in mind for a creative shoot.

We did get a few confused looks from passers by and a few children holding fishing nets wandering past the camera. But for the most part we had the rocks to ourselves. Nadia was great, braving the wind and cold in a very revealing dress. I have to give her credit for the outfit and makeup... that was her own vision, and it worked perfectly.

Yep... definitely windy enough lol

As wedding film makers/photographers, it's always a good idea to get out with the camera and do something a little bit different. It can be a great way to spark ideas and without the time constraints of a wedding it can be the perfect way to get creative. With this project, it inspired me to push the boundaries a little more when it comes to shooting weddings. Working in this way inevitably has a trickle down effect that benefits the wedding work over time. If you are planning a wedding, be sure to set aside as much time as possible for your photographer and videographer when it comes to portraits. The less time pressure there is, the easier it is for us to get creative... plus you get to spend a little time away from your guests, being soppy and romantic as newlyweds :-)

Thanks again to Nadia for being such a great model. I think we made something rather beautiful :-) - Martin

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