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A Sheffield urban micro wedding

It's the best feeling ever when a wedding pops up from out of nowhere and then ends up being fantastic. Katie and Danny's email appeared in my inbox just a few weeks before the big day and although they explained it would be a very small wedding and they would only require a few photographs, it ended up being one of my favourite ever weddings.

When it comes to wedding photography there is no way that you can ever put an exact number on the amount of images that will eventually be delivered. It's all to do with learning about the people and the plan for the day. Then it's a case of creating the very best that you can. As I got to know Katie and Danny a little my excitement grew. Urban weddings work incredibly well on camera. The contrast of the wedding dress against the hustle and bustle of a city helps to create a really striking set of images.

But the very very best thing about Katie and Danny's wedding was that despite it being relativity small with restricted numbers.....every single feeling was still there. The excitement and anticipation during preparations was all there. The nerves as the ceremony approached were still there. The joy and emotions of being married was all there. It really blew me away and I was so pleased to be a part of it again.

Unfortunately due to certain restrictions I wasn't able to be inside during the ceremony. But to counter that we arranged a gorgeous "first look" at the Leopold Hotel. This helped to recreate the moment Katie would have walked down the aisle and was perfect.

Thanks Danny and Katie for a wonderful day. It came at the perfect time and will always be remembered

Special mentions to some beautiful locations for the day. We began at the Leopold Hotel in Sheffield city centre where the staff were kind enough to show us some fantastic little spaces to use for photographs. A small corridor with huge windows provided the perfect light for our first look.

The streets of Sheffield provide a stunning backdrop for wedding photos but its always good to add some colour and greenery. So what better place than Sheffield winter gardens. A tropical paradise beneath a huge arched glass ceiling. Free to get and and well worth a look if you're ever in town.

Finally we took the short trip on foot over to Silversmiths. An award winning restaurant open daily and available for private functions and including weddings.

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