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A Durham Cathedral Wedding

As July approaches we look forward to another wedding in the City of Durham. The location to be more precise will be Durham Cathedral.

As you might imagine we get to see some amazing places on our travels. Architecture isn't my big thing, but you can't help being blown away by some of these structures. Photographing and filming weddings is a hectic business, especially around ceremony time where we can be really engrossed in where we need to be and at what time. So much so that the spectacular nature of these places can catch you off guard when you dart inside. It's only then that you look around to see something pretty special.

Our previous trip to Durham Cathedral was for the wedding of Katy and Alex. The Cathedral has strong links with the adjoining school of which Alex is a former pupil.

We then travelled back to Alex's family home to party the day away.

We cant wait to head back up North for another wedding at this amazing location and look forward to sharing our next Durham Cathedral wedding.

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